The Interactive City-Trails in a nutshell


Are you looking for an exciting outdoor leisure experience with your friends, where you can puzzle together and have fun? Then the “Finding-Daniel” Interactive City-Trails are the right place for you.
Our customers especially appreciate the Interactive City-Trails:

  • That you can (puzzle) discover a new city, new quarters and unknown corners in about 2 hours.
  • Puzzling and discussing together, the interactive group experience itself.
  • That you can book independently of time, start at any time and you can arrange your time yourself.


How does a “Finding-Daniel” Interactive City-Trail work?

On a “Finding-Daniel” Interactive City-Trail it is all about finding the tour guide who does not appear at the meeting point as agreed.

Whoever wants to participate buys the “Finding-Daniel” Interactive City-Trail of the respective city (costs: CHF 25.-/group of max. 5 persons) and then receives a tour code per group and the “Tour-File” of the respective trail by e-mail: This is a dossier with the game description as well as detailed descriptions of the different items of the trail. There are trails in different cities and on different topics that might interest you.

Now you can start: When you arrive at the starting point, you answer the starting question via SMS and receive first hints where the next post is located. This question and answer game runs through the whole trail experience and helps you to determine the order of the items and thus the solution word.

Once you have completed the trail, you enter the solution word on the website provided. You will need the tour code that you will receive when you purchase the game. Afterwards you will find out whether you have found the correct solution word.


This is what you need to complete a “Finding-Daniel” – Interactive City-Trail

  • A mobile phone with internet connection. In addition, you will need to send text messages on the way to receive further instructions.
  • The tour file of the corresponding trail. Together with the order confirmation you will receive a download link where you can download the tour file of your trail.
  • The tour code that you received with your order confirmation via email; after you have found the guide, you can use it to take your guide exam.
  • We recommend that you take a public transport map / city map / online maps with you, especially to find your way back from your destination to your starting point.


Entry fees

Participation in a “Finding-Daniel” Interactive City-Trail costs CHF 25 per group or per tour code. If there are more than 5 participants, additional tour codes must be purchased. If there are several groups, the City-Trail can also be completed as a competition against each other.


No pre-registration necessary

The “Finding-Daniel” Interactive City-Trail does not require any advance booking. Just buy City-Trail, travel to the appropriate city and the pursuit can begin.


Target group

The “Finding-Daniel” Interactive City-Trails are designed for people aged 12 and over and are ideal as a group experience or team event or team excursion with friends, acquaintances and/or work colleagues. For children from 7 years on we have designed the Crime Trails Kids and the Detective Trails.