Finding-Daniel – Interactive City-Trails

What happend

Guide Daniel does not show up at the agreed meeting point. You are gradually getting anxious and worried.

Soon you receive a message from the mysterious guide asking you to come and find him.
You begin to feel excited.

You and your friends go in search of Daniel – and find out lots of interesting facts about the city.

Where did he go? Come and find out!
Turn over, read the instructions, and off you go!


This is what you need to complete a crime trail

  • A cell phone with an Internet connection. You’ll also need to send SMS messages on the go to get more leads.
  • The tour file of the corresponding trail. Along with the order confirmation you will receive a download link where you can download the tour file of your trail.
  • The tour code that you will receive with your order confirmation by email. This will enable you to verify the solution at the end.

Participation fees

Participation on a Finding-Daniel Interactive City-Trail costs EUR 25 per group or per tour code. If there are more than five participants, additional tour codes must be purchased.

No advanced registration necessary

Crime trails can be completed at any time and without prior registration. All you have to do is buy the crime trail, visit the crime scene mentioned in the crime file and off you go.